Paint Brushes at Dawn - Great Art World Feuds, Disputes and Rows

Lecture by Barry Venning

Monday 18th April 2016 at 8pm

The late Christopher Hitchens, who knew a thing or two about feuds, once wrote that a really first rate bust up requires one of at least two things: a clash of strong personalities, and a conflict of principles.

The history of art is peppered with first rate bust ups: between the great early Renaissance artists, Brunelleschi and Ghiberti, between Constable and Turner in the early 1830s, between Salvador Dali and the Surrealist leader, Andre Breton in the 1930s, between the influential American critic, Clement Greenberg, and the English artist, Jo​hn Latham in the 1960s (Latham once famously chewed up and spat out a copy of Greenberg’s ‘Art and Culture’), and most recently between the graffiti artists Banksy and King Robbo, who painted out and amended each other’s works. There are many more. They are highly entertaining but they also tell us a great deal about key issues in art history