Lecture Programme 2020 - 2021

Dear Members


On the 6 March I took a group to London to see exhibitions at the V&A Museum. We soaked up the colourful exuberance of Japanese Kimono - From Kyoto to Catwalk, the noise and excitement of Cars: Accelerating the Modern World and entered the inventive world of Tim Walker’s fashion photography. It was a wonderful day, in the true spirit of The Arts Society with a visit to a great city and museum, seeing wonderful collections, learning about the Arts and most of all enjoying the company of friends in a happy social occasion. Little did we realise, that days later coronavirus restrictions would plunge us all into a new reality of social isolation.


In a spirit of optimism, future planning for The Arts Society has continued and I am pleased to give you some information about our Lecture Programme 2020-2021. 


Please note the changes we have had to make in September, 2020 due to Covid restrictions, which necessitate introducing some online Zoom lectures.


Rita Smith: Programme Organiser

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