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Although the primary task of THE ARTS SOCIETY may seem to be to provide its members with lectures, tours and special events on the arts, we also realise that if we do not  protect our artistic heritage there will soon be no art left to enjoy. Many of our members are therefore actively involved in a whole range of voluntary activities designed to support the arts in the north-east and our artistic heritage.


Activities can be divided roughly into three groups, though there is some overlap:


1. Heritage Volunteers (involved in the preservation of buildings, libraries, museums etc)


2. Church Recorders (involved in making a record of our ecclesiastical heritage)


3. Young Arts support schools  and youth organisations in their attempts to engage their charges in creative and artistic work and stimulate their interest in our artistic heritage.  


If you are interested in participating (and it really IS interesting) contact the coordinator for the particular activity that interests you (see the back of your Programme Card).

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