Although the primary task of THE ARTS SOCIETY may seem to be to provide its members with lectures, tours and special events on the arts, we also realise that if we do not  protect our artistic heritage there will soon be no art left to enjoy. Many of our members are therefore actively involved in a whole range of voluntary activities designed to support the arts in the north-east and our artistic heritage. 


From Rosalind Platts:

Church Recording

Volunteers needed

When life returns to normal we hope to start making a record of Church Furnishings of St. John The Baptist in Egglescliffe (just over the river from Yarm) and we would welcome more volunteers.

We describe the furnishings in sections, Memorials, Metalwork, Stonework, Woodwork, Textiles, Paintings, Library, (including local records), Windows and Miscellaneous.


Each object is described, measured and photographed and we try to find out the date, donor and history. We will meet together as a team, working in pairs, previous experience not necessary, perhaps meeting one morning every 2 weeks.


An initial meeting, at the church, will be notified in due course.

If you are interested or would like to know more please contact me 

rosalind.platts@btinternet.com or 01642 701007


For further information please contact churchrecordingsociety@gmail.com

Heritage Volunteers

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Heritage Volunteers are involved in the preservation of buildings, libraries, museums etc.

Trails of Discovery


You only need two or three people working together to make a trail. To start a trail, firstly agree with your society and the place of interest and complete a registration form available on AS website

Arts Volunteering

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Support schools  and youth organisations in their attempts to engage their charges in creative and artistic work and stimulate their interest in our artistic heritage.