Looking for Georgia - my travels through New Mexico in the footsteps of Georgia O’Keefe

A personal account by the landscape painter and art historian, Lydia Bauman, of her journey through New Mexico in search of the iconic motifs painted by American painter Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986). Hear of the insights and discoveries made about the life and work practice of the legendary painter and see how the desert of New Mexico, Miss O'Keeffe's 'backyard' for over fifty years - inspired a very different artist working today in London.


Born in Poland and studied for her BA in Fine Art at University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (John Christie Scholarship and the Hatton Award), and an MA in History of Art from Courtauld Institute, London, (19th-20th century art - Distinction for thesis on Matisse's Illustrations to Poetry).

Has lectured to diverse adult audiences, notably in London's National Gallery and MFA Boston USA. Her book on Great Themes in Art is being considered for publication by Merrell Books for worldwide distribution.